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Hotel in Tokyo, Japan has cockpit flight simulator in one of the rooms

This hotel room has a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator in it

But there’s still has a minibar, right? A hotel in Japan is offering a room amenity that we can promise you have never seen before.

A Tokyo hotel has a suite that contains a full-sized Boeing 737 Simulator in it. I know, right?

It may sound crazy but it also sounds like fun. We have all the details in case you end up in Japan and want to try it out for yourself.

This is your pilot speaking

You can find the flight simulator at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo. The rooms there are not swanky by any means. In fact, rooms without the flight simulator look like your basic businessperson’s hotel room.

Oh, but if you can book the room with the flight simulator, you’ll be able to rub that in some fancy pant’s face. The simulator is the full cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 jet.

Called the “Superior Cockpit Room,” you can pay for a 90-minute session with a flight instructor. During your session, you’ll find out what it’s like to fly a Boeing 737-800 jet from Haneda to Osaka International Airport.

If you don’t want a session with the flight instructor you’ll still get to practice flying and more likely crashing the commercial jetliner. For clarification, the Boeing 737-800 jet is not to be confused with the Boeing 737-Max which has been sidelined for multiple crashes.

Surprisingly, the flight simulator room is quite inexpensive. The “Superior Cockpit Room” costs just $275 a night — flight instructor included. Minus the instructor, the room rate drops to $232 a night.


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It’s strange but fitting

It may seem strange to have a room with an enormous flight simulator in it, but it also kind of makes sense for the Haneda Excel Hotel. The hotel itself is connected to Terminal 2 of the Haneda International Airport.

Even if you don’t book the flight simulator room, you’ll still get an up-close look at jets in action. Each room provides a view of the airport’s runway.

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