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Can you figure out why these girls are missing a pair of legs?

There was the photo of the dress that was white and gold (or black and blue). There was the photo of the legs that had paint on them (or were really shiny). Every now and then, some photos, for whatever reason, circulate the internet and perplex the masses.

This photo, which was originally posted on Reddit by user “jr0d7771,” is the latest one to keep us guessing. Everyone is wondering: If there are six women sitting in this photo, then why do we only see five pairs of legs?

Girl missing legs

Well for starters, no one in this photo was born without legs or is an amputee. The girl in the middle of the couch is leaning to her left so the legs to her right are hers. The woman sitting second from the left has her legs covered by the woman sitting farthest to the left. Jacob from Insider brightened up the photo and drew outlines to make it clearer.

Girl legs solution

This close up shot makes it easier to see.


What do you think? Do you now see six sets of legs?

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