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Is the giant chicken that stunned the internet the real deal?

Every so often the internet finds some random topic to obsess about. Sometimes it highlights an average person, like #AlexFromTarget. Sometimes it divides us into two groups, like the debate about the colors of “the dress.”

Right now, everyone is talking about the big chicken video. Seriously! If you haven’t already seen it, it’s just an abnormally large chicken exiting a coop and walking around a pen. That’s all. See it for yourself below.

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This video has left a lot of people wondering: “What the cluck?” Did you know that chickens could be this large? Some people are speculating that it’s fake but several news outlets have confirmed that is, in fact, a real chicken.

His name is Merakli and he’s a Brahma rooster. This large breed was developed in the U.S. from large birds imported from Shanghai. It was even the main breed of meat in the U.S. from the 1850s until about 1930. The hens can grow up to 14 pounds and the roosters can grow up to 20 pounds.

According to his owner, Fitim Sejfijaj, Merakli is almost 3-feet tall and weighs 16.5 pounds. Sejfijaj said, “He is a very loving and happy bird. He has two hens with him and he is very well treated.”

The video was originally posted in a Facebook group for chicken enthusiasts. Then it made it to Reddit and YouTube, where it has over 940,000 views. Merakli has also been a popular discussion topic on Twitter. The tweet below received over 41,000 retweets and over 55,000 likes.

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