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Got a minute? There’s something I need you to do for me today

Recently, I asked you to do something for me — call, email or Tweet to your local radio station to thank them for carrying my show and remind them that you’re listening. If you’ve already done so, thank you for your support!

If you didn’t get a chance to reach out to your local station, will you do it today? Scroll down to the “What you can do” section and see how you can connect with your local radio station.

It’s loyal listeners like you who have kept us on the radio for more than 20 years, expanding to more than 400 markets across the U.S., including the Armed Forces Network that broadcasts to American troops and military families around the world. Thank you for your time, and your great calls, questions and stories!

Radio listenership is more competitive than ever, with satellite radio, podcasts and streaming services competing for your attention. I can’t thank you enough for YOUR help.

What your support means

I love what I do, and I couldn’t do it without your loyalty and support and the support of my sponsors.  Thank you for all your calls, letters, emails, social media shares, and support over the past 20-plus years.

This year I was so honored to be nominated to the Radio Hall of Fame. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, with the help of my team, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without my loyal listeners and supporters.

What you can do

You can make a difference! One moment of your time goes a long way to keep me and my team on the air, bringing you helpful, informative and entertaining content.

  1. Send a message on Twitter that includes the radio station you listen to, such as this one, but personalize it, “Thank you @wlsam890 in Chicago for airing the @kimkomando show! I love it and never miss a show!”
  2. Post a message on the radio station’s Facebook page that you listen to. For example, if you tune in on WSB 95.5/AM 750 in Atlanta, go to its page at and post a message that says, “Thank you WSB in Atlanta for airing the @kimkomando show! I learn so much! It’s terrific!”
  3. Reach out to the program director at the radio station you listen to by calling or contacting them through the station’s website. Tell them you love The Kim Komando Show.

Don’t know your local radio station? That’s OK! If you are not sure which local station airs my show, be sure to check the map on our site. Tap or click here to find your station now.

What if your local station doesn’t carry my show?

If your local radio station does not carry my show, please reach out to the station on Facebook, Twitter and through their website and ask them to carry The Kim Komando Show! Your call or email can make a huge difference!

Here are some station sites for you to say, “Thank you for carrying The Kim Komando Show!” This list is far from complete. After all, there are some 400 stations that carry my show across the U.S.!




San Francisco:

Washington DC:


San Diego:







San Antonio:

Salt Lake City:



Las Vegas:



West Palm Beach:

Just a reminder, if you are not sure which local station airs my show, be sure to check the map on our site. Tap or click here to find your station now.


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