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VR game sensation helps people have fun while losing weight
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People are losing weight playing this virtual reality game

Games are a great way to bond with friends and family. But what if you aren’t in the same city? You could turn to online games to get the party started. Tap or click for six fun online games to try.

Games like those are super fun to play. But who knew video games could be good for you? Supernatural on Oculus is making waves in virtual fitness, and it’s more than just hype.

This game might be your ticket to a fitter, slimmer 2023. The results of the most inspiring success stories will astound you. Should you give it a try? If you already love your Oculus Quest, the answer is yes!

How much weight can you lose with VR?

One woman managed to lose 70 pounds just by playing the game Supernatural. She was so successful she became a Supernatural coach.

If you’ve never heard of Supernatural, it’s a VR-assisted fitness game. You’re immersed in a beautiful environment and invited to try its unique gameplay system, called Flow.

This resembles a two-handed stickball game, and you’ll be expected to use your console controllers to annihilate oncoming targets. The moves may not seem like much if you’ve never played. But after doing it for a while, you can burn an extraordinary amount of calories. Not to mention it’s fun.

In this world, hours can pass without you even realizing it. Add a couple of wrist and ankle weights into the equation, and you’re literally in the middle of your own private fitness class, toning your arms and getting your heartbeat going.

The visuals are stunning, and the action is shockingly addictive. When you consider bringing one home for yourself, think of kickboxing courses and other aerobics focusing on the core and legs. This game will have you crouching, lunging, dodging and dominating all day long.

There is a Supernatural companion app for iOS and Android devices that can help get the most out of your experience.

Why you should invest in the virtual fitness revolution

Virtual reality is fantastic for so much more than gaming and digital sightseeing. We believe that technology and health go together like PB&J. When the game is fun, you’ll be able to keep yourself in shape without even feeling like you’re working out.

All you need to play this game is an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 VR system. We highly recommend it, especially if you prefer to exercise at home.

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