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Street view optical illusion is fooling everyone and will blow your mind

Internet denizens seem to always be on the lookout for the next big viral brainteaser.

Remember all the black/blue or white/gold dress fights we had a few years back. Those were fun. (Yes, it was black and blue).

But are you ready for the latest viral optical illusion? Tucked within these simple street pictures are the fascinating ways of how our visual brains work.

The latest viral illusion

Take a look at these two images. Are they two different pictures? Or are they, in fact, one and the same?

This is the latest big viral debate burning the internet pipes right now. First shared on Imgur and Reddit, the picture has now amassed more than 1.6 million views and hundreds of commenters sharing their thoughts.

At first glance, the two pictures of this street do look like they were taken from different angles. The right image appears to be at a more right-leaning angle if you ask me.

Now look again. Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Is it actually the same photo? If you’re seeing the same effect, you’re certainly not alone.

One commenter wrote: “For me, it looks like the roads are going in different directions, like one road forking off. It’s hard to believe the two streets are actually parallel.”

Another wrote: “This is super weird. I can tell that it’s the same picture, but something makes my brain not want to believe it. I wonder what specifically causes that to happen?”

Spoiler alert: It is indeed the same picture.

“This is the same photo, side by side,” the Imgur caption reads. “They are not taken at different angles.”

Let’s assume that Imgur captions never ever lie, why do they look so different then?

What’s really happening?

It’s simply an optical illusion. Because of how the street images converge, your brain is perceiving the two images as a fork in the road. Since it’s perceived as a fork, your brain is thinking that the left image is going in one direction while the other image is angled toward another direction.

And then there’s the perceived height difference too because of how the lines of the cobblestones and the sidewalk converge.

Yep, our brains work in strange, strange ways sometimes.

Need proof? Well, someone in Imgur (yet again) lined up both pictures against each other, showing that they are indeed exactly the same.

Now that should settle it once and for all, right?

Here’s another optical illusion that will baffle you

Ready for another illusion? This time it will trick both your eyes and ears. Click here and prepare to be baffled.

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