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It's hard to find a hiding snake. Practice with these viral images. Can YOU find the hidden snakes?
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Spot the danger: If you can’t find these 3 snakes, you could get bitten IRL

Snakes are masters of camouflage, which is good for them and terrible for you. You could die from a bite if you accidentally step too close to one. To ensure this never happens to you, test your eyes and see if you can spot the hidden snakes in these images.

We collected three viral hidden snake photos. These head-scratchers may have you wondering if you need to update your eyeglass prescription. If you have bad eyesight, try one of these free vision training apps.

Consider this guide a practice test. Use it to see how well you can spot snakes in the wild. If you can’t find them, you might need to buy some snake repellant!

Let’s start with an easy one

You could spend lots of free time hiking and camping. But you’d still have trouble finding snakes. That’s because they’re masters of disguise.

Although they aren’t as advanced as chameleons, they’re still good at hiding. Many snakes have scales that allow them to blend into their environments.

A deer hunter in Alabama got dangerously close to a snake before he spotted it. Then, he snapped a picture and shared it with the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. The division then publicized the photo, asking its followers if they could find the hidden snake.

Tons of people couldn’t find it. Can you?

Can you spot the hidden snake in this picture? This best optical illusion of 2022 is like a game. Find the hidden animals to test yourself!

If you successfully found the snake, congratulations! You have sharp eyes. If you really want to test your outdoor know-how, here’s a follow-up question: Can you identify the snake species?

If not, no worries. It’s a scarlet kingsnake! Also known as a scarlet milksnake, this thin critter has red, black and yellow rings around its entire body.

Luckily, scarlet kingsnakes aren’t venomous. Unlike many other snakes you need to watch out for, they aren’t dangerous to people or pets. Still, it’s good to keep an eye out when you’re camping or hiking. Avoiding wild animals is always a good course of action.

If you couldn’t find it, here’s the answer:

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It’s not always so easy to spot the hidden snakes

Last year, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources shared another viral snake photo. Social media followers had trouble identifying the “slithering critter” found in a pine forest. One commenter said they’re now rethinking playing out in the yard.

Spoiler alert: This snake is venomous, unlike the previous one we shared. You should be extra careful when you look at this image. If you can’t spot the snake, maybe you should rethink your upcoming camping trip.

Sorry, but you need to have 20/20 vision to spot the hidden snakes in these viral brainteasers. Spot the secret snake in this viral 2022 photo!

Although timber rattlesnakes are usually shy, they can lash out if you get too close. If one of these rattlesnakes bites you, head to the emergency room ASAP. If you leave the bite untreated, you’re facing severe medical problems. It could even be fatal!

Maybe you avoid emergency rooms because you’re terrified of surprise medical bills. After all, sudden injuries can take a considerable bite out of your life’s savings. Luckily, we have some good news.

If you ever end up in the emergency room, a new law could help you save tons of money. Earlier this year, the No Surprises Act went into effect. This bill seeks to protect you from those surprise medical bills from out-of-network care.

Bottom line: Get urgent help if a snake bites you. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Your life could be on the line!

If you couldn’t find the hidden snake, here’s the answer:

This is your last chance. Can you spot this slithering safety hazard?

This should be a slice of cake if you have already spotted the other two snakes. Or a ssssssslice of cake, if you want to channel your inner danger noodle.

Have you ever heard that term before? It’s a phrase some millennials and Gen Zers use to refer to snakes. The next time you chat with younger family members, mention “danger noodles” or “nope ropes.”

Those who get it will go along with it. If they seem confused, they’re not “in the know,” and you’re trendier than them. Then, you can jokingly tell them to brush up on their lingo. Here’s another young trend you should know about.

If you struggled to spot the hidden snakes so far, now’s your chance to prove yourself. This next viral photo might be an even bigger challenge than before. Wipe off your eyeglasses and try to find this snake:

Only the best eyes can spot the copperhead snake from this viral Twitter photo. The snake is hidden among the leaves. If you can find the hidden snake in this real-life optical illusion, you're a puzzle master!

An intricate body pattern helps this snake blend into the dry leaves on the ground. So many people struggled with this image that they shared it with their friends, begging for help. If you want to share this snake challenge, tag Kim on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Can’t find the hidden snake? Here’s a hint: You’re looking for a copperhead snake. They’re venomous, so look closely. Remember, your ability to spot hidden snakes can mean life or death when you’re in the wilderness.

Typically, you should be okay after a copperhead bite as long as you get immediate medical attention. But a single snake bite can put your life in danger if you’re camping alone. Consider this a test of your danger spotting skills.

If you still can’t find it, here’s the answer

This little guy is so hard to spot, it’s almost absurd.

Venomous copperhead snakes are known as the masters of camouflage. They can grow up to 30 inches, and you can find them over the eastern and southern U.S.

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