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Hidden animal optical illusion
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Optical illusion: Spot the hidden second animal and you beat 99% of people

Optical illusions are a great way to test your visual acuity, but they often force you to think in unconventional ways. Then sometimes, your brain and eyes can’t agree on what is in front of them. Take this optical illusion, for example: Upon first glance, you probably won’t be able to spot the hidden second animal.

Viewing an object from a different perspective can be challenging once your brain decides the right way. And that is precisely what is going on in this optical illusion. So if you can spot the second animal, consider yourself a genius.

Read on to solve the illusion and see how long it takes your friends to spot the hidden animal.

Here’s the backstory

The picture of a bird sitting in a tree with what seems like a giant taco in its beak was shared by TikTok user Rana Arshad. While the bird is easily visible, he tasks his followers with finding the second animal. 

Created by Russian illustrator Valentin Dubinin, it first appeared on a blog in 2010.

Here’s the illustration, and see how long it takes to find the other animal.

Optical illusion
Credit: Valentin Dubinin

Did you find it? If you are struggling, don’t feel too bad. In the TikTok video, Arshad gives a hint that should make it easier. “Look closely at this image. If you can’t figure out what’s going on, flip your phone upside down.”

Going through the comments on the post, it seems that most people eventually figured it out. But naturally, some people were stumped. “I read someone said there are horses? How does 1% of people see a horse?” asks a follower.

If you are still battling, turn your phone upside-down. It will make it much easier to see the fox holding the taco (or half a cheese wheel).

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