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brainteaser fooled Elon Musk
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This brain teaser fooled Elon Musk – See if you can figure it out

Optical illusions are a great way to decompress after those long days in the office. They’re also a great way to keep your mind in fighting shape.

You don’t need to set aside much time to train your brain. Many popular optical illusions take about a minute to solve. Want a real challenge? Tap or click here to see if you can solve this puzzle in 30 seconds.

How hard can a viral optical illusion be to figure out? This one even fooled Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Check it out.

Which way is the cube spinning?

While this optical illusion meme had its first heyday two years ago, it’s making the rounds again. Take a short mind trip with us right from the comfort of your desk.

Elon Musk had little to say about the original other than “Wow,” and we couldn’t agree more. Two wireframe cubes appear to spin in opposite directions on a flashing black and white background.

Check the image out in the tweet below. Make sure to click the play button to see the cubes move.

The big secret is that neither cube is actually rotating at all. How is that possible?

The phi phenomenon is responsible for the illusion you get whenever you watch a movie or a TV show. A flashing image can mimic the appearance of movement when preceded and followed by similar images at a certain speed. This is how video cameras work. You’re seeing a sequence of photos in a given time.

The phi phenomenon may also be at play here, presenting itself similarly to other movement-based optical illusions. Science aside, it’s a fun way to spend a couple of minutes.

How many of these optical illusions have you seen?

We get a childlike sense of wonder when we see something we don’t fully understand. If you’re hungry for more optical illusions, we’ve got plenty to share in that regard.

Tap or click here to sharpen your mental skills with this viral pencil riddle.

Tap or click here for four crazy optical illusions that test your eyes.

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