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Shelter dog left with “user’s manual” to help him find a new home

You’ve heard of user manuals for cars, appliances, smartphones, and all types of other gadgets. But what about dogs? When Rhino Lightning, a 5-year-old Brindle Boxer, was put up for adoption, he was dropped off with his very own user manual. A little girl wrote the 15-page guide on a little spiral notebook and attached it to his collar.

The guide includes tips, instructions and details about Rhino’s personality. “Rhino needs lots of attention he loves people.” “Please make sure Rhino is in a safe house he hates snow & swimming.” “Tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night.”

Rhino was dropped off at the Humane Society of Utah and several news outlets in the area and around the country reported his unique story. Because of the publicity, Rhino received several adoption offers. Many people were touched by the little girl’s instruction guide.

Many people came to look at Rhino and he almost found a new family several times. But employees at the Humane Society indicated it was crucial that he be placed in a home with older children. Then Rhino was finally adopted. The entire process only took a few days since he had received so much attention. KUTV, a CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, interviewed his new owner, click here to watch it. Below are a few pages from his manual.

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