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woman taking a selfie on an airplane
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THIS is why we love taking selfies

It’s easy to hate on selfies and think they’re only for the self-obsessed. But a new study from the University of Ohio and the University of Tubingen in Germany shows selfies can be more than just a way to show off your looks.

It’s deep, man

The study found selfies can help us capture the deeper meaning of moments and document physical experiences. In one experiment, participants rated the importance and meaningfulness of an experience looking at a photo they weren’t in. 

Another group looked at photos featuring themselves — and that group was more likely to think of the bigger meaning of the moment. Makes sense when you think about it. When see yourself there, you can picture a memory more clearly.

In real life

Maybe you don’t take many photos because you think selfies are silly. Hey, try it out. Next time you’re spending time with loved ones, grab your phone and take a pic of everyone (you included)! That way, your selfies won’t just be alonies.
P.S. We all want to look good in pics. After all these years in broadcast, I’ve got the tricks that work.

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