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How many emails went out today? See real-time internet stats

Everybody knows the internet is big, but ask someone “how big?” and they’ll probably look confused.

The information superhighway we all know and love might actually be too big to truly comprehend — with more than four billion active users and more than one billion websites online today. 

And those numbers, by the way, are from just a few moments ago. Yes, the counter just keeps going up!

How do we know this information? Well, thanks to metrics from Google, Alexa ratings and other databases, we can get a pretty good idea of the internet’s true scope.

But trawling through all this information can be a chore. If you’re looking for a way to see real-time internet stats in a fun, digestible way, you can’t beat Internet Live Stats.

This handy website is packed to the brim with live tickers that rank everything from the number of Google searches being performed to the number of blog posts written in the last day. 

What’s more, the data this platform uses is piped in from real, verified resources like Google Zeitgeist and NetCraft Web Server Survey. There’s even a tab to see real-time trends as they appear on social media platforms and search engines.

It might seem like information overload, but Internet Live Stats is probably your best option for comprehending the digital colossus humanity has created. 

Try this site. It’s mind-boggling stuff, to be sure. App background

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