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If you watch one thing today, this video is it

Remember a few months ago when the robot dog was unleashed on society? Not only could it move around, but the creepy thing could also open doors?

Whether you do or not, get a refresher by clicking here. For anyone with an imagination, it was a pretty frightening development.

Well, the company behind the robot dogs, Boston Dynamics, is back to work creating mankind’s doom, and they may have taken a giant leap forward with a robot that can go for a run. It can jump, too.

It has to be a precursor to a Terminator, right?

Known as “Atlas,” the robot has been updated in a way that makes it more human-like than ever. Unlike the dog, which had four legs, this one has two legs and a pair of arms.

It stands upright and moves around just like us. Previously when we saw versions of the robots, they were displayed in controlled environments. Even the most advanced robot cannot handle everything, and therefore it was important to keep variables to a minimum.

But in this instance, the Atlas was set outside and allowed to just run around and be free.

If you do not like this, we don’t blame you. Not. One. Bit.

Of course, there’s always the chance that this is not the beginning of the end for mankind, that what Boston Dynamics creates now will not ultimately lead to our undoing. They have been at this for a while and are constantly pushing to improve the technology.

With Atlas, the idea is to create a robot that can perform a variety of tasks while taking up very little room. Its stereo vision and multiple sensors allow it to interact with objects and navigate various types of terrain.

It is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 75 kg, and along with running and jumping can also perform backflips, because why not?

No doubt robot technology will continue to improve, especially given how useful they could be. According to their website, Boston Dynamics prides themselves on “building machines that both break boundaries and work in the real world,” and they certainly appear to be heading in that direction.

Really, the only question now is what’s coming next, because whatever it is, we know it will be here soon.

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