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Reasons why you may want a Netflix approved TV

Streaming Netflix has become commonplace in most households. But does the TV you own make a difference in the quality of the experience?

Currently, there are only a handful of televisions that carry the “Netflix Recommended TV” logo. Netflix started this program back in 2015 to provide consumers with more information about the streaming capacities of the TV sets. And, considering the sparse number of “recommended” TVs, it seems Netflix must have pretty high standards.

According to a Netflix spokesman, companies are able to submit their TVs for review. However, the review process isn’t limited to just the TVs manufacturers submit. Netflix also purchases TVs to test from each of the top manufacturers. And, the evaluation process is updated each year to keep up with changing standards in the marketplace.

What sets these TVs apart?

If you’re a TV manufacturer that wants to display the Netflix logo, it’s no easy task. To earn the certification, the television must meet the following standards:

  • Have the latest version of Netflix already installed.
  • Have an “instant on” feature that allows Netflix and other apps to pull up quickly.
  • Feature a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control.
  • Display the Netflix app where it’s easily seen on the menu.
  • Have a “resume” feature that shows where someone left off in a particular show or movie.
  • Have display capabilities of 1080p or higher.

Essentially, to earn Netflix’s seal of approval, manufacturers must design their TVs not only for image quality but for the overall user experience. If all of this can be accomplished, the TV can boast the logo. Here’s what that logo looks like:

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Which TVs make the cut?

For many, this recommendation from Netflix is a major selling point. If you’re looking for a Netflix Recommended TV, these are the only models that have received this endorsement so far:

To learn more about what Netflix is calling the “Smarter Smart TV,” click here to visit the website.

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