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Racy video on Google Maps has the internet going crazy

One of the very best parts about Google Maps has nothing to do with street-by-street directions, but instead gives us a better idea of where we are actually going. Along with routes, you can find information about the establishment, with reviews, ratings, websites, phone numbers and photos.

Generally, it all comes together to give us a better idea of wherever it is we are or are going. But sometimes people, who are the ones responsible for uploading photos and reviews, take things in a …umm…different direction.

Like, for instance, a woman who was strolling along a road in Pingtung County, Taiwan, and decided she wanted to show off more than the scenery around her. As in, she chose instead to share a video of her scenery.

Let’s get you abreast of the situation

An unidentified woman posted a video for the location that showed her checking over her shoulder, probably to make sure no one was looking, before flashing to the camera. She then smiled because, of course.

The video is below. It’s blurred out but still, it’s easy to tell what’s going on. So, watch at your own risk:

That’s the internet for ya.

The 18-second-long video was online for a while, at least until Google realized what was happening and took it down. Given that Google Maps has roughly 2 billion active users, it’s pretty safe to assume it was viewed by many people. Even after it was taken down, screenshots continued to be shared on Facebook.

In typical internet fashion, people responded with humor, intrigue and snark.

Some people wrote they were definitely going to visit the area because of the video, while others, who live nearby, said they were going to get over there right away. Others undoubtedly started looking up other random locations hoping to find something similar.

Unfortunately for them, they probably won’t

Though no one is sure of who the woman is, there is a belief that she is a member of Google’s Local Guides program. Guides are some of Google’s most active reviewers and photographers, and the more they post the greater their perks become.

To become a Local Guide, one must have a valid Google account, be at least 18 years of age and have signed up for the program. Local guides are relied upon to help populate Maps with information, but this was a bit off bounds for the site.

As previously noted, the video was taken down once Google learned of what was happening because their terms of usage state that pornographic, explicit or sexually suggestive content is not permitted.

Speaking of random locations, this clever site drops you somewhere in the world. Can you figure out where?

Since there are nearly 2 billion websites in the world, the potential of spending hours exploring is still there. But, with so many available sites it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Click here to learn of one that is fun and even a bit educational.

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