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Psst! You can try the new Google Flights beta right now

By now we understand that Google can help us with pretty much anything. Whether we are looking for an answer, a website or, say, a flight, we know it’s there for us.

Sticking with the final option, Google Flights has certainly become a player in the airline travel game, making it easy for us to find and book flights no matter where we are heading. It wasn’t particularly flashy, but it was efficient.

That’s changing a bit, with Google Flights getting a fresh look. And whether it is or becomes your go-to site for finding flights, at least it’s easy to use.

Streamlined and straightforward

When you open up Google Flights it will be pretty obvious what you need to do and where. You choose if you are looking for a one-way, multi-city or round-trip booking, and then pick your locations. Set the dates, and then search.

The page may have a familiar look, but rest assured, the site has been upgraded. While the basic idea behind Google Flights has remained, there is a new look for flight options and more tools available to help you save money.

Among them are a price graph, which will let you see price trends for the kind of trip you are taking, as well as the ability to compare prices at various airports near your destination.

Google Flights will also provide tips for where you are off to and, if you want, track prices of specific flights.

The new look is still in its beta phase, so Google is not ready to officially roll it out just yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t work — in fact, it works really well — but there are still probably some bugs that need to get worked out. Click here to learn how to use Google Flights to score the best and cheapest flights.

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