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People share VERY clever life hacks you wish you knew sooner

Ever figured out a quicker and better way of doing things? From overheating laptops to the age-old problem of how not to leave your car’s gas cap behind, modern-day life-saviors have time and time again discovered the most clever ways to solve life’s nagging problems.

And sometimes they’re so simple you just can’t help but think “It’s right in front of my face all along. Why haven’t I thought of that before?”

Well, don’t feel too bad, just keep looking, your moment of brilliance will come soon enough if you try hard enough. In the meantime, Bored Panda regularly shares some of the most genius life hacks out there. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found. Enjoy!

1. Nailed it perfectly!

Do you want to drill perfectly positioned holes all the time? This awesome person photocopied the back of the item he was installing and taped it to the wall!

2. Hook me up, Mr. Cook.

Do you want to stick your iPad to the wall? Of course, you do! Get three Command hooks and let them do their Jobs.

3. Need a “hand” with your charging cable?

This is easy to “figure” out! This renaissance man used Mr. Lego to prop a charging cable up!

4. Wind beneath my things

Overheating issues with your laptop? Use an old egg tray to circulate air below it.

5. Back to the Drawer Board

Short on kitchen counter space? Here’s a quick hack – open a drawer and prop your chopping board on it!

6. This socks just a little bit

If you lost a small item around the house, try wrapping a vacuum cleaner nozzle with a piece of stocking and hope for the best.

7. Where’s the (flat) beef?

A master hacker found out that flattening it out before putting it in the freezer will thaw ground meat faster.

7. Organize and move your wardrobe – dumpster style

If you’re moving, packing all your clothes in suitcases can be a big hassle, just wrap them in garbage bags while they’re hanging in your closet and away you go.

8. Let’s keep a lid on it

This modern-day kitchen hero got sick and tired of pot lids clanging around on her cupboard, taking up valuable space and such. She solved the problem with the Windex of DIY hacks – of course, Command hooks!

9. Steady with the spaghetti

If you keep burning your fingers when lighting up a slightly used candle, use a lit uncooked spaghetti strand to burn the wick!

10. Potato head to the rescue

Ever had problems replacing a broken light bulb? One clever woman found out that using a halved potato is up to the task. Make sure the power switch is off though! No one wants to be french fried.

11. That last chapter kept me hanging.

This genius bookworm put three hacking favorites together. A Command hook (of course), a dog leash and a clip to keep a book from falling into the bathtub. Wow!

12. Freezer clips

Instead of dumping all your frozen vegetable bags in your freezer, why not do what this fashionably OC kitchen hero did? Clip all your bags to the top tray for an organized and sophisticated “frozen veggie carousel” look.

13. “Beds-up” display

Being relegated to the bottom bunk is suddenly a technological paradise if you use two hangers to hold your tablet up. Take that, top bunk guy!

14. Shopping-bag-garbage-can hack is life

Someone’s clever girlfriend found a way to keep reused shopping bags on their trash cans! With ever-trusty Command hooks! Yay for the environment.

15. He gets the big picture

This MacGyver sports fan solved his zooming problems the right way. With binoculars and a pencil on his ear.

16. Now that’ll cause a bottleneck for sure

Ever had problems with open bags. Well, this kitchen Mozart may just have made the zip-lock obsolete. Apparently, a sliced off bottle top is all it takes to seal it off.

17. I call a deuce on this one

Tennis balls are meant for two things – 1) for playing tennis and 2) as cutesy all-around holders with wacky faces.

18. Selfie + Groupie = Winning

Who needs photoshop when you can just prop a mirror, point it appropriately and get the entire group, including the photographer, in the same shot? This mega-hacking family knows where it’s at.

19. Keyboard Lint Ninja

Before you throw away that little post-it note, run it through your keyboard crevices a few times to grab age-old dust and Cheetos bits.

20. Never forget your gas cap again

Here’s a “why didn’t I think of this one before?” scenario. Prop your gas cap on the pump holder when you fill your ancient car up. Smooth moves. App background

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