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spot the butterfly in this optical illusion
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Optical illusion: Spot the butterfly in this tricky image

This optical illusion won’t stretch your thinking muscle, but it will test your vision. While some optical illusions can reveal aspects of your personality, some are purely for fun. Some establish if you have the patience to inspect an image painstakingly.

That is the case with today’s image as it tasks you with finding a tiny orange butterfly among a sea of similarly colored leaves. It seems nearly impossible when you look at the picture as a whole, but there is a trick to finding the little critter.

Read on to see if your vision is as good as you think, and remember not to spoil it for your friends and family by blurting out the butterfly’s location.

Here’s the backstory

The image first appeared on the imaging service Shutterstock in 2017, uploaded in its original form by photographer Giovanni Love. It is unclear when someone skillfully edited the original photo by inserting the butterfly.

Many people have been scratching their heads over the location of the butterfly. That’s because the leaves aren’t in a uniform pattern, and the butterfly is of a similar orange shade.

Try your best to spot the butterfly in the image below. Don’t worry if it takes you a few minutes. We promise there is a butterfly in the photo. 

Source: New York Post

Did you spot it right away?

Did you find the butterfly?

Here’s a hint: The orange butterfly is about a third from the bottom and a third from the left border. It’s sitting on a leaf and facing the top-right corner. 

Here’s the image with the butterfly circled:

Source: New York Post

Tricky, right? According to the New York Post, “anyone who puts their eye on the fly in five seconds is reportedly in the top 1% of brain teaser buffs, per the video.”

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