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One genius trick that will help you get your luggage first at baggage claim

There are all sorts of variables involved when planning for a vacation. Sure, we can pick where we go, when we will get there and leave, who we will go with and even what we will do, but there are also things that are out of our control.

Nowhere is that more evident than at the airport, where long lines, delayed (or even canceled) flights and other issues arise more often that we would like. But those are not the only things that can take precious time out of your day.

Waiting at baggage claim is no fun, but we never know when our bag will come out onto the carousel. Sometimes it is early, but other times it is late. Either way, the randomness is not enjoyable.

It does not have to be random

Sure, we could all accept that we may have to wait a little longer to get our bag, feeling good by the simple fact that it eventually showed up. Or, we could take advantage of this travel hack that will lead to our bags being among the first to be delivered.

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with checking your bag at the very last possible moment in hopes of it being on the top of the pile.

No, with this trick you can get to the airport as early as you’d like and still have your bags come out first by asking the representative who checks your bag to put a “Fragile” sticker or tag on it.

That’s all.

It makes sense. Bags marked as fragile are usually loaded onto the plane near the end so they are not crushed by all the other bags, and therefore will come out first.

Along with coming out quickly, a “Fragile” notation will likely mean your bag does not get tossed around quite as much or as badly as non-marked luggage.

In the market for some new luggage?

Not all luggage is created equal, but the differences are more than just their size and colors. These days, luggage can even be smart, and when you realize what all they can do you will never look at your boring old suitcase and travel accessories the same.

This suitcase is smart

Sure, suitcases are meant to help us take our clothes or other objects with us to a new destination, but that’s not all they can do. With this Bluesmart One suitcase, you will have more than just a vessel.

It will do all the things a normal suitcase can do, but can also charge your devices and be located via GPS if it gets lost. Its built-in scale allows you to know just how much you have packed, and it even offers a quick access compartment for laptops and tablets.

The suitcase is TSA approved and can be locked and unlocked with your phone.

Keep whatever suitcase you have locked up

There has long been a need to keep our suitcases locked. No matter what is inside, we’d rather not have people rummaging through our stuff.

Some locks require keys while others combinations, but the eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock requires no key, code or tiny 3-digit dials. Instead it uses proximity tracking technology, requiring just one tap of a smartphone, watch or fob to unlock.

You also need not worry about your suitcase getting taken without your knowledge, as its wireless tracking technology helps to monitor and guard your suitcase when it is in your vicinity.

Only taking a laptop?

Maybe you are not traveling with much more than a laptop or tablet. If so, this may be the bag for you.

Great for students, the backpack has enough room for a laptop or tablet along with an external USB interface that can charge a phone, tablet or other devices. Its anti-theft design features a hidden zipper in the main pocket, which is close to the backside of the pack and helps to protect belongings from theft.

The backpack also has straps to make it easy to attach to a rolling suitcase.

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