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NPR’s guide to podcasting is worth the read

Podcasts are amazing. If you’re not already listening to them as a form of entertainment, you’re really missing out. The trend has continued to grow, and there are thousands of podcast topics to choose from.

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Beyond listening to podcasts, many people are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own content. Did you know that some of the most popular podcasts out there generate over $50K per month by selling sponsorships?

In this particular entertainment niche, NPR is one of the top players. It produces over 40 podcasts, including Fresh Air, On Point, Here & Now, How I Built This, Car Talk, Planet Money and more.

You might think NPR would want to keep its success secrets tight-lipped, but that’s not the case. The company has actually just posted a guide online with tips for creating your own winning podcast.

The guide explains the difference between storytelling for print and storytelling for audio, including the following:

  • Hearing is different from reading.
  • Readers move at their own pace, listeners rely on you to set the pace.
  • Radio is linear, it always moves forward.
  • Listening impacts the brain differently than seeing.
  • Information-packed sentences are difficult to comprehend in the moment.
  • Short, clear sentences work better for audio.
  • Write how you speak: If you wouldn’t say it that way, don’t write it that way.
  • Watch out for dependent clauses.
  • Quotes can be longer.
  • Stories should be shorter and more focused.

These are just a handful of tips provided in NPR’s guide on podcasting. The guide was released in a Google Doc format to ask for public input before it’s added as an official document within NPR Training.

If you’d like to see the full podcasting guide, click here.

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