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New app lets you turn your water into wine

Happy New Year everyone!

Since it’s New Year’s Eve, you’ll most likely be ringing in 2018 with some type of celebration. You may have traveled to a warm-weather destination, looking for a relaxing way to say goodbye to 2017. Or you may have decided to keep it simple and have a few close friends and family over.

No matter what your New Year’s Eve plans are, they probably include a celebration cocktail or two. If you’re not much of a drinker, there’s an app that will let you enjoy a virtual cocktail.

How to enjoy a cocktail in the most responsible way ever

The “Vocktail” is a virtual glass that allows you to change the flavor, smell, taste, and looks of your drink. Experts claim that this technologically advanced glass can trick your senses into believing that a simple glass of water is actually a delicious, calorie-free, Mojito.

Researchers at the University of Singapore have developed an app and cocktail glass that can actually trick your senses into thinking that you are drinking a cocktail when it is really just water.

Lead developer Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe said, “Flavour [sic] is mainly how we perceive food and that’s achieved through the use of these senses… Our approach is to augment beverage flavour [sic] experience by overlaying external sensory stimuli.”

By changing the color of the drink, adding a smell sensation, and sending electrical impulses to the rim of the glass to simulate taste buds, the 3-D-printed glass will actually trick your brain into applying specific flavors to a liquid.

Researchers say that an electrical jolt of 180 microamps will mimic a sour taste, 80 microamps give a bitter taste, while 40 amps will simulate a salty taste.

Although admittedly not as convincing as a real drink, this technology is nonetheless fascinating, and new strides toward improving the simulated cocktail flavors are being made every day. Have a few of these and maybe you could even get a placebo tipsy effect to loosen you up for the New Year’s Ball Drop.

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