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With this new scanner, you might just get through airport security faster

Put your hands up, then stand completely still until you’re told you can move. You’re not a criminal, that’s just the price of admission to board a commercial flight these days.

It’s just one of the joys of modern-day travel. Well, that along with having to unload your entire carry-on suitcase so the TSA can eyeball that suspicious phone charger of yours.

But one major airport is trying to make those security checkpoints a little more comfortable and maybe even faster to get through. It all starts with a brand-new body scanner.

Not your father’s full-body scanner

If you’ve been on a flight over the past few years, then you’re familiar with the full-body scanner at airport security checkpoints. You step into a clear tube, put your feet on the matching feet paintings and put your hands over your head. The machine whirls around in a few seconds, and you’re good to go.

It’s not a painfully-long process but in all seriousness, I also understand it can be physically taxing for some people to raise their arms. Now there’s a new full-body scanner that’s supposed to make the process faster by simply eliminating the whole raise-your-hands process.

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Denver International Airport is the first in the U.S. to use the new scanner, which went into service last week. Instead of walking into a scanner, now travelers will stand between two large vertical scanners to find out if they’ll be labeled a threat. Yay!

What does it mean for you?

The Colorado airport is the first to get this scanner, but it’s also been tested in other parts of the world. It’s supposed to save a few seconds for each person, and yeah, when you factor in 70,000 travelers a day through Denver, that could mean a significant decrease in wait times.

Another time-saver? Check TSA’s Travel Checklist before you head to the airport. Make sure you pay extra attention to the liquids rule, and how to deal with your large electronics. Check it out by clicking or tapping here

If you don’t like the current full-body scanner or the new one, seriously, just avoid them both. All you’ll need to do is apply for TSA Pre✓. To begin with, there’s a little work involved, since you’ll first need to apply then schedule an appointment at an enrollment center. Pony up the $85 for a five-year membership, wait a few days for approval and you’re all set.

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You’ll be able to breeze through most lines without having to take off your belt, shoes and jacket. Leave your laptop in the bag and pass through an older-style metal detector. Learn more and apply here. Those on any terrorist watch lists need not apply.

But best of all, you won’t have to raise your arms. Because no one’s got time for that.

And listen to this episode of Komando on Demand where Kim looks at other ways airports are trying to make things easier on travelers.

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