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Mysterious Russian “buzzing” signal puzzling experts

It’s a mystery that has been going on since the 1970s in Russia. A buzzing noise along with intermittent code words and numbers coming from a mysterious Russian radio station.

Once in a while, a voice is even heard reading a message. So, what is this mysterious signal?

Although people started hearing the buzzing in the 1970s, the first recording wasn’t made until 1982. What’s even more bizarre is the buzzing noise has changed slightly over the years and no one knows why.

What we know about “The Buzzer”

Nicknamed “The Buzzer”, or “MDZhB,” the shortwave radio’s signal is coming from swampland near St. Petersburg. But no one knows who is behind the broadcasts. Some are speculating it could be the Russian military or even aliens!

Since the signal is a “shortwave,” the transmission covers a broad area. So some say the military theory does make sense since the signal would allow for outgoing messages to be transmitted.

Another theory is the frequency acts as a “Dead Man’s Switch.” If that’s the case, in the event of a nuclear attack against Russia, the buzzing would stop and an automated counter-strike would be launched.

Note: “The Buzzer” isn’t the only strange thing people are talking about these days. Click here to see some leaked footage from Area 51 that is rumored to show an alien aircraft.

Some wonder if “The Buzzer” is able to measure the distance of missiles. One expert doesn’t think that’s the case because louder waves would be needed for this type of detection.

There’s also speculation the frequency is used to communicate with Russian spies around the world since the code words and numbers could always be encrypted.

No theory has been proven. Intelligence experts can’t even figure it out, saying there’s no information contained in the signal.

The most likely reason behind the signal is a combination of two things. One, it’s a marker or a way to make sure other people don’t use it. Second, it might be a backup station in case Russia needs it in a crisis situation.

Typically, stations like these are used as backup systems in case a satellite goes down.

The problem with “The Buzzer” is that no one can interpret the messages or break the code.

If you’re curious, you can even try tuning in. The frequency of 4625 kHz is available around the world.

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