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My Komando Shop weekend deals you can’t miss

With the hustle-and-bustle of the quick-moving shopping season it can be difficult to keep up with all the best deals. With our Kim’s Deal of the Day series we help make it easier for you to know what’s on sale, and when to buy it. Major retail outlets like Amazon change their deals every day, so it can be tough sometimes to capitalize on all the right discounts without a bit of help.

The Komando Shop is a great place to find some of Kim’s favorite new tech products. With Christmas quickly approaching we would like to let our readers know about some fantastic deals on some of the best new tech products. The theme for this weekend’s deals is travel safety. The holiday season is a great time to vacation with your friends and family, and we want to make sure that you are fully prepared for the trip.

Let’s take a look at 5 handy travel gadgets that are on sale in the Komando Shop right now.

Hand-crank Solar Radio and Charger $10 off

This awesome travel companion is the perfect thing for a camping trip, or any outdoor escape. This Solar Powered AM/FM radio comes with an attached flashlight, and even a USB charging port. In addition to absorbing the sun’s rays for energy, it can also be battery powered, charged through a wall outlet, or even charged by hand-crank. Suffice to say, you will always have a working radio and place to charge your phone if this is with you.

Emergency Flashlight & USB Charger 20% off

Like that awesome radio above, this item is also chargeable via crank. By winding the crank for just two minutes this LED flashlight/phone charger can be powered for 30 minutes. Great in an emergency, lightweight and portable. Never again be without a light.

Emergency Mobile Phone $20 off

This back-up emergency phone has a 15-year battery life and requires no SIM card or phone contract to dial emergency numbers. It does, however have the ability to read a SIM card and make a normal call in a pinch. Lightweight and portable, this device comes with a waterproof case and can be a life-saver to have in an emergency.

Rapid External Charger 15% off

Since you can never have enough USB chargers, you should make sure you also have a stylish one. With all the markings of a designer lipstick, this rechargeable device holds a lithium-ion battery capable of producing a 3,000 mAh charge to any USB compatible device.

Anti-Theft Backpack 10% off

If you plan on traveling to a busy city or going abroad this winter, make sure you pick up one of these. This Anti-theft backpack is perfect for keeping your valuable items secure. With locking zipper pockets, slash-proof stitching, no street thief is breaking into this one. If that wasn’t enough, it also has RFID insulated pockets to protect its contents from RFID scanners designed to steal your identity and credit card information. It can also be folded and zipped into itself for convenient storage.

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