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Must read for any Lego fan

Your children may see Legos as toys that allow them to be architects and construction workers. You may see them as tiny blocks that deliver immense pain when you step on one. It reality, they’re so much more than that.

Lego is the second largest toy company in the world. They have seven theme parks all over the globe with plans to open five more. “The Lego Movie” (2014) grossed over $400 million and spinoffs and sequels are in the works too. Now, the company known for their colorful toy bricks has decided to take on social media.

LEGO Life is a new social media app designed for kids; it’s very similar to Facebook. The app is for children ages 8to 12 and it allows them to create profiles for lego avatars, upload/share pictures of their Lego creations, and complete design or building challenges. They have a news feed of Lego news and they can comment on other users’ posts.

Lego seems to be very adamant and proactive about keeping their app users safe. There’s a whole section of the site called “Digital Safety,” which gives parents advice. In the FAQ section, the site stated, “the information collected is not shared outside of the LEGO Group.”

Furthermore, the child’s username is randomly assigned and Lego employees monitor the app to make sure that only photos of Legos are uploaded. They want to keep all personal information or anything that could help someone identify a child off the app.

“We ask you to keep your real identity hidden on LEGO Life. Just like a superhero. So pick a username for your profile, create your alter-ego minifigure and stay superbly secret,” the site said.

And to prevent cyberbullying within the app, the special Lego emoji keyboard has positive symbols. Employees will also monitor the comments for negative responses.

LEGO Life is available in 16 different languages and you can download it to your smartphone or tablet from the iTunes store and Google Play store. Not only is the app free to download, but there’s also no in-app purchases. You do need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use it.

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