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Most popular Christmas cookies in 2022

Bake your state’s most popular Christmas cookies

It’s official: America loves cookies. But each state has a sweet tooth with unique cravings. A new list of the most popular American cookies reveals how our tastes vary across state lines.

Google Search’s analytics tools determined the most common cookie people in each state searched for from Dec. 3 to Dec. 9. The data revealed that gingerbread, sugar cookies and peanut butter blossoms were the most popular. However, many states explored global cuisine this year, from German cookies to purple yam treats.

Consider this your ultimate guide to the top Christmas cookies in 2022. We scoured the web for the top recipes. If you like something, click the yellow button to discover new treats. Then, store your favorite recipes in the cloud with these three apps.

Want to make the most popular American cookies? Check your kitchen first

Before we share each top cookie by state, we want to set you up for success. To make the best cookies, you need the proper equipment. Do you have everything you need?

There’s always room for improvement, no matter how great your kitchen is. Tap or click here for 12 affordable things that save the day in the kitchen. But if you just need tools for cookies, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best cookie-baking tools and supplies you’ll find on Amazon:

Now that your kitchen has all the essentials, it’s time to find some inspiration. Let’s check out the most popular Christmas cookies by state. You may discover sweet new ideas that are too delicious to pass up!

Alabama: Kolaczki cookies

Also known as Polish Christmas cookies, these treats are fruity and crisp. You can make them with cherry, solo apricot or plum filling.

Alaska: Sugar cookies

Image from

It’s hard to beat the classics. Easy to make, sweet and simple, these were some of the most popular American cookies in 2022.

Arizona: Mexican wedding cookies

These classic holiday cookies are simple, tasty and easy to make. Coated in sugar powder, they have a buttery and nutty flavor.

Arkansas: Kitchen sink cookies

If you love pretzels and chocolates, this is the cookie for you. You can throw in any random stuff in your pantry, from dried fruits to oats.

California: Mini Christmas cookies

Californians wanted to downsize their cookies this year, which is probably why they mostly looked for mini cookies.

You’ll find tons of tasty treats when you type these terms into Google Search. If you struggle to find accurate search results, use these five tricks. You’ll get more accurate search results in no time.

However, when it comes to mini Christmas cookies, we can save you a trip to the Google Search engine. Here’s one of the best recipes you’ll find online.

Colorado: Snowball cookies

Look familiar? Yep, these are Mexican wedding cookies under a different name.

Connecticut: Italian Christmas cookies

This recipe takes 20 minutes from start to finish. It’s no wonder why they were some of the most popular American cookies in 2022!

Delaware: Italian Christmas cookies

These tasty, easy cookies are popular across the U.S. Here’s another great recipe worth checking out. It has a lemony twist!

Florida: Christmas butter cookies

All you need are six ingredients to make these treats. It gets sweeter. They only take 20 minutes to make.

Georgia: Gingerbread cookies

Nothing says Christmas like the sweet scent of Christmas cookies wafting through the house.

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Hawaii: Ube crinkle cookies

This Filipino-American twist on classic crinkle cookies uses ube, a purple yam popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. It has a subtle pistachio and vanilla taste, which makes these cookies both colorful and delicious.

Idaho: Sugar cookies

If you have tons of cookie cutters, the sky is the limit for these cookies. Grab sprinkles and icing and go wild!

Illinois: Christmas bar cookies

Make sure to use red and green M&Ms so you’re matching the festive theme.

Indiana: Mexican wedding cookies

Fun fact: They’re also known as polvorones.

Iowa: Spritz cookies

This buttery cookie dough is easy to make and customize.

Kansas: Hot chocolate cookies

If you love smores, you’ll love this sweet and soft cookie recipe.

Kentucky: Royal icing Christmas cookies

These are just like sugar cookies, but they have icing on top.

Louisiana: Gingerbread cookies

Following in Georgia’s footsteps, Louisiana also craved gingerbread cookies. Try this playful recipe for a sweet treat after your Christmas meal.

Maine: Italian Christmas cookies

Customize this simple and tasty cookie to your heart’s content.

Maryland: Lebkuchen cookies

These traditional German glazed cookies are warm, festive and unique.

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Massachusetts: Linzer cookies

Take a culinary trip to Austria this Christmas with buttery and soft Linzer cookies.

Michigan: Kolaczki cookies

Look familiar? If you recall, these Polish Christmas cookies were also Alabama’s top cookies of 2022. Here’s another great recipe worth checking out.

Minnesota: Peanut butter blossoms

As one of the most popular cookies this year, peanut butter blossoms are sweet, cute and easy to make.

Mississippi: Gingerbread cookies

There are countless ways to customize gingerbread treats. They’re savory, unique and fun for the whole family to make together. If you want to introduce your kids or grandkids to baking, check out this recipe.

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Missouri: Red velvet cookies

Just look at that bright, festive color. Made with simple ingredients, this lush and easy recipe is a mix of red velvet cake and chocolate chip cookies.

Montana: Gingerbread cookies

These treats are so soft and delicious! Plus, you can make them pretty quickly.

Nebraska: Peanut butter blossoms

Make sure to have lots of milk with these thick treats.

Nevada: Peanut butter Christmas cookie

If you want to give these cookies a festive twist, throw some Christmas sprinkles on top.

New Hampshire: Candy cane cookies

Go above and beyond to make these desserts special by adding finely crushed peppermint candies on top.

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New Jersey: Italian Christmas cookies

A hint of anise and a sweet sugar glaze makes these cookies unique. Their cake-like textures make them especially decadent.

New Mexico: Sugar cookies

Sweet and simple, these cookies are universally appealing.

New York: Italian Christmas cookies

The Big Apple wanted something simple for Christmas. This recipe comes with a helpful how-to video.

North Carolina: Moravian cookies

These crisp and thin cookies come from the Czech Republic. Made with sweet molasses, ginger and cloves, they’re sweet with a spicy zing.

North Dakota: Peanut butter blossoms

This classic recipe yields soft and flavorful cookies that will satisfy any peanut butter lover.

Ohio: Peanut butter blossoms

Here’s another recipe worth checking out.

Oklahoma: Mexican wedding cookies

Like a few other states, those in Oklahoma craved these sweet pecan-packed treats.

Oregon: Gingerbread cookies

Yep, another state loves gingerbread cookies! Spoiler alert: It’s not the last. Do the cookies in this picture catch your eye? Make them over on this site:

Pennsylvania: Peanut butter blossoms

Grab a bag of Hershey’s chocolate kisses to make these desserts perfect.

Rhode Island: Italian Christmas cookies

Want to make cookies that would make any Italian grandma proud? Try this.

South Carolina: Gingerbread cookies

Good Housekeeping claims to have the only gingerbread recipe you need. What do you think of this take on one of the most popular American cookies?

South Dakota: Sugar cookies

Perfectly tender and soft, this old-fashioned rolled sugar cookie recipe will add Christmas cheer to your dinner table.

Tennessee: Christmas bar cookies

The great thing about bars is that they’re so versatile. These toffee pecan shortbread bars are a great addition to your Christmas meal.

Texas: Springerle cookies

With 700 years of use, the springerle is a beloved cookie with a rich history. These German anise-flavored cookies are delicate and crispy on the outside, but chewy on the inside. Here’s an authentic recipe that will introduce your sweet tooth to something new.

Utah: Candy cane cookies

Get a cookie with a pop of peppermint freshness.

Vermont: Gingerbread cookie

Image from

Although gingerbread cookies are famous for being hard and crispy, this recipe makes soft and chewy treats. Check it out.

Virginia: Christmas bar cookies

These are nothing like traditional fruitcakes. Give fruitcakes another chance with this Christmas bar recipe.

Washington: Christmas bar cookies

These chocolate hazelnut shortbread squares are perfect Christmas bar cookies.

West Virginia: Mexican wedding cookies

Tender, rich and buttery, these dusty treats are some of the most popular American cookies.

Wisconsin: Peanut butter blossoms

If you want to deviate from the normal milk chocolate kisses, try almond, white chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, dark, birthday cake or cookies n’ cream.

Wyoming: Sugar cookies

Make these cookies extra sweet with icing and sprinkles.

How to make the most popular American cookies of 2022

Now that you found 50 recipes for the best cookies in the U.S., it’s time to check your baking gear. You might not have everything you need to make these delicious treats. To make a delicious dessert for Christmas, grab these goodies.

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