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Most expensive prescription drugs
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Top 20 most expensive prescription drugs in 2022

Presented by GoodRx

Presented by GoodRx

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If you thought the inflation rate was high, wait until you hear about rising specialty drug prices. A recent AARP report says they’re increasing at more than three times the inflation rate. To see how you’ll be affected, we put together this list of the 20 most expensive prescription drugs in 2022.

Rising medicine costs are harrowing because prescription drugs were already costly. Luckily, we’ve found a way you can save up to 80% on your prescriptions. Tap or click here for Kim’s favorite way to save money at the pharmacy.

Depending on the drugs you need, your prescriptions could cost thousands of dollars, AARP reports. Go over the list below a see if any of your medications are on it. If so, prepare for some rough financial times ahead.

These are the 20 most expensive prescription drugs in 2022

Worried you might need to buy the most expensive drug in the U.S.? It’s an understandable fear. When you hear about inflation impacting prescription costs, you might start Googling “High-cost medications list,” “Highest cost prescription drugs,” or “Expensive prescription drugs U.S.” to see if you’re in trouble.

Don’t waste hours researching. Use this helpful tip as a starting point. After all, we’ve always got you covered here at the Komando HQ. We also tell you which critical mistakes you should avoid, like these 10 worst ways to save money.

Scroll down to see the most expensive common prescription drugs in the U.S.

Thanks to our sponsor GoodRx for the data. (More on that later.)

Drug nameManufacturerWhat it treatsMonthly cost (based on length of therapy)
ZokinvyEiger BioPharmaceuticalsHutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, which causes premature aging$89,480
MyaleptAmryt Pharmaceuticals, IncLeptin deficiency in people with generalized lipodystrophy$77,496
MavencladEMD Serono, Inc. Multiple sclerosis$63,993
RavictiHorizon Therapeutics Urea cycle disorders$57,998
ActimmuneHorizon TherapeuticsOsteopetrosis and chronic granulomatous disease$55,310
OxervateDompéNeurotrophic keratitis, which makes the corneas less sensitive$50,874
TakhzyroTakedaAngioedema, a disease that causes swelling underneath the skin$48,233
JuxtapidAmryt Pharmaceuticals, IncHomozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, which can lead to heart disease$47,897
GattexTakedaShort bowel syndrome$42,913
ChenodalTravere TherapeuticsGallstones$42,570
Acthar GelMallinckrodt PharmaceuticalsLupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, infantile spasms, ophthalmic conditions, and psoriatic arthritis$41,459
OrladeyoBioCryst PharmaceuticalsHereditary angioedema$38,427
TegsediAkcea TherapeuticsNerve damage from hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis$36,707
AyvakitBlueprint MedicinesGastrointestinal stromal tumors$35,213
QinlockDeciphera Pharmaceuticals, LLCTumors in the gastrointestinal tract$35,199
KorlymCorcept TherapeuticsHigh levels of cortisol in the body$34,620
VitrakviBayer PharmaceuticalsCancerous tumors with genes that fused together abnormally$33,784
RecorlevXeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Endogenous Cushing’s syndrome (lowers the body’s cortisol amount)$32,400
Cortrophin GelANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Rheumatic disorders, collagen diseases, and dermatologic diseases$31,851
TibsovoServier PharmaceuticalsAcute myeloid leukemia, cancer of the blood and bone marrow$30,083
Data from GoodRx, our sponsor.

Did you see any familiar names on this U.S. drug price list? Unfortunately, you need one of the most expensive prescription drugs out there.

All hope is not lost

You can still save money on the most expensive popular generic drugs. You can talk to your doctor about sample packs, check out mail-order pharmacies or look for government assistance programs. Tap or click here for five ways to save money on your prescription (or get it free).

Never think that you’re alone. There are free ways to save money on life-saving medication. We haven’t even gotten to the best way to save money on prescription drugs. There’s also a free database you can use to find discounts. (Kim loves it!)

Save money on the most expensive prescription drugs in the U.S.

So you just looked over our list of the most costly prescription drugs. You’re starting to feel nervous since you saw your prescription on there. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a silver lining.

Use GoodRx to get your medications at the very best price. To find deep discounts, look up your medication on its search bar and see which prices you can find at nearby pharmacies. You don’t have to sign up or share any personal information: It’s a free tool that compiles the varying prescription prices you can find at pharmacies across America.

Use this link to let GoodRx know Kim sent you there. No matter how high inflation makes your prescription prices soar, you have a safe place to land. GoodRx offers steep discounts on costly prescription drugs, so you can get peace of mind when you shop.

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