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1 million cars recalled due to fire risk!

Car technology is improving fast and furiously. Self-driving vehicles and electric cars are no longer a futuristic dream, they have become a reality. We even told you recently about an electric vehicle that can accelerate from 0-60 in 2.28 seconds. That’s impressive!

Even with all the amazing new tech, we sometimes still have to deal with old-school problems. You’re not going to believe what’s causing nearly 1 million newer vehicles to be recalled worldwide.

Why are nearly 1 million new vehicles being recalled?

German automaker Daimler AG has announced a worldwide recall of nearly 1 million Mercedes-Benz. The recall is due to a fire risk caused by a faulty fuse. There have been 51 reported fires already related to the recall. No injuries or deaths came from those fires.

According to Daimler AG, in the event the starter is blocked due to engine or transmission damage, a high electric current would flow through the starting current limiter during subsequent attempts at starting the car. If the driver repeatedly attempts to start the vehicle, despite the engine not cranking, the electric current draw might lead to overheating of the starting current limiter.

In a worst case scenario, surrounding components could melt and potentially ignite and cause a fire. The starting current limiter is not able to handle the very high current under unique circumstances when the engine/transmission is damaged to the point where it is unable to crank.

Of the nearly 1 million vehicles being recalled, around 350,000 are located in the U.S. There have been 30 fires reported in the U.S. associated with this problem already.

U.S. customers will begin receiving recall notices later this month. What’s worse is, replacement parts are not expected to be available until July. This means if you own an affected model and the car will not start, you should NOT repeatedly attempt to start it, as this could lead to a fire.

Impacted Mercedes are 2015-2017 models and include:

  • C-class
  • E-class
  • CLA cars
  • GLA SUVs
  • GLC SUVs

Click here for a full list of impacted cars and to read the full safety recall report.

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