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U.S. counties with the longest life expectancy

Do you work with multiple windows open on your computer? Here’s how that hurts your health.

Do you want to live longer? Move to Colorado. Eight of the 25 top U.S. counties with the longest life expectancy are in the Rocky Mountain state. 

Check out the list below to see where your county ranks.

Head for the hills

As it turns out, it’s not just lifestyle habits that affect how long you can expect to live. The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program compiled data from 2018-2020 to see where each U.S. county ranks. The results were published by U.S. News.

The more obvious factors contributing to life expectancy are access to exercise, eating habits, healthcare quality, community safety and air/water quality.

Some factors that may surprise you are broadband access, traffic volume and high school test scores. One overarching trend was that people in rural areas live longer than those in more urban areas.

Air quality suffers in densely populated cities, and people are typically more stressed around too many people. Meanwhile, people living by ski resorts have longer, healthier lives.

Where does your county fall on the list?

Here are the top 25 counties with the longest life expectancy:

  1. Aleutians East Borough, Alaska: 100+
  2. Mono County, California: 100+
  3. San Miguel County, Colorado: 93.6
  4. Summit County, Colorado: 93.5
  5. Pitkin County, Colorado: 92.5
  6. Stanley County, South Dakota: 91.9
  7. Manassas Park, Virginia: 91.6
  8. Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska: 91.5
  9. Golden Valley County, North Dakota: 91.4
  10. Eagle County, Colorado: 91.4
  11. Liberty County, Montana: 89.7
  12. Denali Borough, Alaska: 89.1
  13. Presidio County, Texas: 87.6
  14. Oliver County, North Dakota: 87.1
  15. Teton County, Wyoming: 86.7
  16. Grand County, Colorado: 86.6
  17. Lake County, Colorado: 86.5
  18. San Juan County, Washington: 86.3
  19. Collier County, Florida: 86.1
  20. Steele County, North Dakota: 86.0
  21. Ouray County, Colorado: 85.7
  22. Park County, Colorado: 85.6
  23. Summit County, Utah: 85.5
  24. Granite County, Montana: 85.5
  25. Arlington County, Virginia: 85.3

When you consider that the average American can expect to live to 76 (the lowest since 1996, according to the CDC), those top five numbers really jump at you, don’t they?

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