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Lion steals a GoPro from wildlife photographer

Most cameras show you the action but GoPros make you feel like you’re a part of the adventure. The small HD cameras are able to provide unique point-of-view shots that give us a new perspective.

Sometimes that new perspective can be an inside look at the animal world. This video takes us inside a lioness’ mouth, some place we’d never want to be in real life! It makes you feel like a cub being carried around in your mother’s mouth.

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These two lionesses are between 4 and 6 years old and they live in South Africa. Christof Schoeman, a wildlife photographer and guide, is the one who caught the lionesses on tape. While he was leading a safari at the Kruger National Park, he left the camera somewhere he thought the lionesses would find it.

Schoeman said he actually wished that they hadn’t picked up the camera. He told National Geographic that his “main goal is to capture a close-up of their natural behavior—I don’t want to change their behavior.”

The bright side is that it gives conservationists the ability to do a “virtual check up.” Scientist Luke Dollar noted that the first lioness’ teeth looked healthy while the second could use some dental work to prevent an infection.

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