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This illusion on Facebook isn’t what it seems

The self-described “front page of the internet,” Reddit has struck again. Earlier this week, a user posted an image they found on Facebook with the caption, “How big are these Facebook Marketplace lamps?!” This optical illusion has gone viral, stumping countless people along the way.

Images like this can put your brain to the test. Remember: Just like your body, your brain needs exercise. Puzzles and brain teasers like these four challenging optical illusions are good for your long-term health.

You may wonder how an image can stump people. Just scroll down to see for yourself. You’ll figure out why it has people scratching their heads.

Lawn ornaments or lamps?

Take a gander at the image below and try to figure out what it is. Allegedly, this image first showed up on Facebook Marketplace before a user named codeyqueen posted it on Reddit.

People in comment sections across the web say it makes them feel like “idiots” because they can’t tell whether it depicts two normal-sized lamps or two giant lamps blown up to be used as lawn ornaments.

What do you see?

This Facebook optical illusion is stumping everyone, from Reddit to Twitter. What does it look like to you? (It's a total brain twister.)

You aren’t alone if you thought they were two oversized lawn ornaments shaped like lamps. Many people couldn’t understand that these Facebook Marketplace lamps weren’t a trick of the eye. They’re actually lamps hanging from a wire at the top of the picture.

There are two reasons why this image is throwing people off. First, everything in the picture is in focus, which means it’s hard for your eyes to tell what’s closer.

Usually, cameras will focus on objects closest to the camera while items in the background are blurred out. But since everything in this image is as crisp as freshly-folded sheets, your brain doesn’t know how to interpret it.

There’s also the depth of field to take into account. The person who took this photo shot the backyard lamps at an unusual angle. This makes the lamps look enormous.

The photographer could have fixed this viral confusion by tapping on their phone screen, so the camera could focus on the lamps, which are the focal point. Tap or click here for five ways to take better photos and videos with your phone.

Luckily for all the optical illusion lovers, the person who snapped this photo didn’t know those photography hacks.

Just one of many brain teasers

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for more fun ways to put your mind to the test. Here are a few more fun brain teasers you can use to give your mind the exercise it needs.

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