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Internet’s latest question is the right way to draw an X

Do you ever find yourself getting sucked into those crazy internet debates? A few years ago there was the controversy of the dress. Remember, a picture of a dress went viral in 2015 because people couldn’t decide what color it was.

Half of the internet swore it was black and blue. But the other half argued that it was white and gold. The battle seemed to rage on for weeks.

Now, another dispute has gone viral and people are freaking out over what the correct answer is. How do you draw an X?

Well, how do YOU draw an X?

Stuff like this goes viral all the time; it wasn’t just the dress. Last year an audio recording had everyone up in arms over a word. Some people heard the word Yanny, while others heard Laurel.

Today, the great debate is on how you’re supposed to draw the letter X.

It all began over the weekend when someone posed the question on Twitter, along with a graphic showing eight different ways to draw an X. Did you realize there are eight ways to draw an X!?!? Me neither.

In just a couple days the Tweet was “Liked” over 50,000 times and retweeted over 13,000 times.

Here’s the Tweet that started it all:

In the graphic, the colored line represents the first stroke when drawing an X. Which one do you use?

After thousands of responses, the person who asked the question posted the results. She said, “General consensus is that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6. Probably how we were taught. Not sure about other countries.”

There were some pretty funny and snarky replies, too. Lots of people just can’t understand why anyone would do something differently than they do it.

There were plenty more, but I think you get the point.

The lesson behind all this is you never know what’s going to catch the internet’s attention. It seems like we’ve seen it all, from the “Be Like Me” meme to the photo of a weasel riding a woodpecker to the Bird Box Challenge.

Some of these are silly and some dangerous. And they’ll just keep coming. We’ll keep our eye out for the next great debate … stay tuned. App background

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