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Ikea is in the autonomous car business now?

Ikea is one of those stores that most of us know about and, well, opinions of the place are certainly mixed. A furniture store, the one thing we can probably all agree on is that their cinnamon rolls and meatballs are phenomenal.

After that, you are likely to find differing opinions, as their furniture can be as frustrating as it is easy to look at. Regardless, many a bedroom and living room are filled with Ikea furniture as well as the blood and tears that went into constructing it.

If nothing else, however, it is all usually pretty comfortable, which is part of why their stuff is as popular as it is. Knowing that, should it really be surprising that the company wants to get into the car game, too?

We’re guessing it comes pre-assembled

In reality, it does not look like Ikea is planning on releasing its own line of automobiles. They are, however, looking into the idea of self-driving cars, and what that idea could really mean.

When most of us think of self-driving cars, we picture sitting behind the wheel but never having to steer or break, but Ikea has something different in mind. They are seeing a future, maybe, where they are essentially rooms on wheels, allowing you to sit down, take a break, conduct business or do other tasks, all while traveling down the road.

It all comes from Space10, which is Ikea’s research and development division, and in a report detailing this specific project professed a goal of taking emerging technology and making it as accessible and democratic as possible.

Fun Fact: As of November 2017, there were 411 Ikea locations worldwide.

“To that end, we have created Spaces on Wheels — a playful research project that challenges the traditional idea of the car and explores how we can repurpose it to create a more fulfilling life on wheels,” the report read. “A key part of that project, this report is an A-Z guide to self-driving cars — including the history, opportunities, key questions and forces behind this technological shift.”

There are a handful of concept vehicles in mind, including those for office, cafe, healthcare, farm, play, hotel, shop, all of which would allow for people to actually do things while on the move.

Think of them as mobile shops, similar to food trucks only for more than just grabbing a tasty meal.

When will we get them?

As nice as this idea sounds, there is no clear sign that Space10 actually plans on producing these vehicles. Instead, the report more or less indicates their belief that their creation could be possible along with detailing why they think it should happen.

Given that Ikea is not an automobile manufacturer, it’s more likely they would rely on someone else to make the vehicles and then look into furnishing them. Until that time comes, we will just have to settle for some meatballs, cinnamon rolls and the pride of putting together our own furniture. App background

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