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How quickly can you spot the one-eyed Jack in this tricky image?

So many hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds! Members of the royal court are scattered all over this picture but one of them is missing an eye. Can you find the one-eyed Jack?

As with most brainteasers, attention to detail is the key. Check these face cards carefully to find the right one. Happy hunting!

Did you find him quickly or did it take you a few minutes?

Fun Fact: “One-eyed Jack” is the nickname for the Jack of hearts and the Jack of spades. In a standard deck of cards, they always have only one eye showing because it’s a profile view of their face. Even though all the cards in this brainteaser don’t follow that rule, the one-eyed Jack in the photo does appear to be a spade. He has a black J and the same hat as the Jack of spades in the lower-middle section of the picture.

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