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Brainteaser How many triangles can you find in this puzzle
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Brainteaser: How many triangles can you find in this puzzle?

If you can count all the hidden images in the visual puzzle, you might just be a genius. Many brainteasers and optical illusions challenge you to find hidden objects in different pictures. This one is different, since it asks you, “How many triangles can you find?”

Geometric optical illusion art is unique from other visual brainteasers. It’s different from the colorful paintings that ask you to spot the hidden faces. Anyone can draw a simple optical illusion, as an Indian engineering student from India proves.

Think of Kumar Ankit the next time you type “How do you make optical illusion shapes?” into your search bar. He shared his homemade geometric puzzle on Quora, a popular forum that answers questions. Quora users struggled to find the answer — and you might struggle, too.

Can you find all the triangles hidden in this image?

There are many ways to make optical illusion shapes. You don’t even have to leave the house or take a professional art class. Anyone can make an optical illusion at home, from seniors to kids.

The Center for Nanoscale Science has a handy PDF you can print out. It teaches you how to make your own optical illusions. You can use this resource as a tool for any optical illusions you want to draw by hand.

However, if you want to make optical illusions online, we’ve also got you covered. We found a fun online tool that transforms your photos into brain-teasing optical illusions. Just don’t click on any ads or pop-ups you might find!

Now you’re one step closer to being like Kumar Ankit and creating your own optical illusions. Without further ado, let’s see if you can beat the optical illusion he created.

If you’re good at math, it should be easy

An eye for detail and some knowledge of geometry may help you solve Ankit’s brainteaser. Just look at it and see how many triangles you can count in the image.

Good luck and happy hunting!

How many triangles can you find in this visual puzzle brainteaser optical illusion challenge best in 2022?

Here’s a hint: The triangles can overlap. So if you only counted one, or four, keep counting. The number might be bigger than you think.

How many triangles can you find?

The answer is 25! There are 24 in the entire shape and the 25th triangle is in the artist’s signature.

Luckily, mathematician Martin Silvertant created a diagram that easily explains where all 24 triangles are located in the figure. He posted the photo below in the comments section of the original post.

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