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Hitting the road? Here’s a money-saving change you should make before your next vacation

Presented by T-Mobile

Presented by T-Mobile

If you’re 55 and up, start saving now when you switch to T-Mobile. Visit or call 1-800-T-Mobile (937-8997) today.!_eaid!_ecid!_ebuy!

It’s summertime, which means many hard workers are planning vacations to get away from it all. Maybe you’re picturing the sun-drenched Mexican beaches. Or perhaps your mind wanders to an exciting zipline lush rainforest.

Many people are turning their vacation dreams into reality this summer. The only problem is the enormous out-of-pocket costs. Some people will drop thousands on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But if you’re 55 or older, you don’t have to burn money to have fun. In fact, you have an especially ripe opportunity. It’s all thanks to our sponsor, T-Mobile.

Get travel benefits at no extra costs

When you hit the road, shoddy internet is a persistent problem. Then, when you hop on a plane, you have to struggle with low internet speeds and no Wi-Fi. Some plans don’t take all of your travel plans into consideration.

Luckily, T-Mobile’s T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 plan has you covered when you set your travel plans this summer. It helps you turn your phone into a hotspot. Plus, you get some great features, like:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Netflix access
  • Up to 5 GB high-speed data in Mexico and Canada
  • One hour of inflight Wi-Fi (so you get unlimited texting and 1 hour of data included on Gogo-enabled flights)

You can get two lines of unlimited talk, text and data for just $70. Worried about taxes and fees? Don’t be — they’re included. You’ll pay a total of $70 each month. It’s a low price to pay for peace of mind while you’re lying on a tropical beach with a martini in hand.

Don’t miss out on these savings

T-Mobile is more than just a great network at a great price. They’re committed to providing a better wireless experience for customers — including specially priced plans for people 55 and up.

If you switch now, you can get two lines of unlimited talk, text and data on their network for less than $30 each — that’s 50% savings compared to other major carriers. And now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, their network is even bigger and better than before, covering 7,500 cities and towns with America’s largest 5G network.

So, why wait? If you’re 55 and up, start saving now with two lines at less than $30 each, including unlimited talk, text and data. Visit T-Mobile/55 or call 1-800-T-MOBILE (937-8997) today.

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