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Find the hidden numbers: Want hidden number games you can play for free online? Use this optical illusion
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Can you beat this brain game? Find the hidden number in this clever optical illusion

Upon first glance, this brain teaser might look like the carpet of an 80s arcade. Take a closer look, and you’ll see an excellent opportunity to test your eyes. Train your brain by trying to find the hidden number.

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Or you can keep your fingers still and focus on your vision instead. Scroll down for a viral optical illusion that’s fooling internet users worldwide. Although there’s a number hiding within the haze, it’s surprisingly tricky to spot.

Very few people can beat this hidden number game

This viral optical illusion blew up on TikTok. A user called @SeeThatMagic shared it along with a few instructions. Before we share the caption, try to challenge yourself.

Look closely and see if you can find the hidden number without any help. What do you see?

If you can’t find the hidden number right away, don’t worry. Most people can’t spot it at first, either. That’s why the TikToker who shared this image paired it with a few instructions:

  1. Stare at the middle of the screen.
  2. Put your nose to the screen.
  3. Pull away slowly.

After this three-step strategy, you should be able to find the hidden numbers. If you’re still struggling to understand it, don’t worry. This is practically eye magic.

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Want a hint before you test your eyes again?

Some users say they see a 3. Others say they see 35. But other people say they see 350. None of those three numbers is the correct answer. Only one of them is anywhere close to being right.

Scroll up to examine the optical illusion one more time. You should give yourself a few tries before throwing in the towel and jumping to the answer key.

Follow the three steps again. Take your time. After all, you can’t rush magic.

After trying, you should be able to solve this tricky brain teaser. But we’ve got the answer if this visual puzzle is stumping you.

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How to find the hidden number

Drumroll, please. The answer is 0! Can you see it now?

There’s a biological reason why this optical illusion is so hard to beat. This image is what expert puzzle masters call an autostereogram. This type of image tricks both our eyes and our brains.

Not all autostereograms are as hard on the eyes as this one. Some visual puzzles are aesthetically pleasing. For example, check out this optical illusion from 3Dimka, an artist on Instagram:

Simply put, this autostereogram makes us interpret two-dimensional images as three-dimensional. In other words, this puzzle makes us see an image within an image. Our brain focuses on certain parts of the picture.

Pretty trippy, right? Here’s another cool tidbit. Some optical illusions can teach you about yourself.

One hidden image quiz doubles as a personality test. Can you spot the four hidden images in this optical illusion? The first hidden image you see reveals the way you see the world.

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