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Hidden Netflix trick lets you request the movies and shows you want to see most

Crime documentaries, classic romance, military dramas – Netflix truly has something for everybody. But that doesn’t mean the streaming service has exactly what you’re looking for. When they don’t have what you want, do you search other services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video?

Well instead of looking elsewhere, you could try the part of the site that’s like a digital suggestion box. That’s right, just like your favorite DJ, Netflix takes requests!

The Netflix website has a page called “Request TV shows or movies” and it’s the only place you can submit content requests. You can suggest up to three different movie or TV show titles at once. If your suggestion is added to the site then Netflix sends you an email to notify you!

Note: This isn’t the only hidden gem on the Netflix site. There’s an easy way to find Netflix’s hidden genre categories

The page says that the company keeps track of all their requests so there’s no need to fill out multiple forms to request the same movie or show over and over. After you submit a request, the page lists some reasons why certain suggestions aren’t available. For instance, “Game of Thrones” is an HBO Original Series and therefore HBO owns exclusive rights to streaming that particular show.

To access the requests page you must go to Netflix’s “Help Center.” To get there from the website, click the down arrow next to your name (make sure you’re signed into your account). Then select Help Center and on the right side of the page under “Quick Links” the first choice should be “Request TV shows or movies.”

From the Netflix app, select the menu in the top left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see “Go to Help Center.” Selecting this will open up the page in a web browser. From there, just scroll down until you see “Quick Links” and the first choice should be “Request TV shows or movies.”

This is great news if there are a few things you’ve been hoping would become available soon. But, if you’re anything like me then you can be a little indecisive about choosing what to watch. If that’s the case, then let Netflix Roulette pick for you.

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