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Personality test: Can you spot the four hidden images in this optical illusion?

Daily exercise is vital if you want a healthy body and mind. When training your brain, you don’t need dumbbells — you can work out with puzzles, quizzes and brain teasers. One way to work your brain today is by hunting for hidden images in this optical illusion.

It’s more complicated than you might think. This beautiful oil painting illusion is known as a stereogram or an autostereogram. Hidden pictures lie within the canvas; some 2D stereograms contain hidden images that look 3D.

Get ready to squint and search for the images hidden within these optical illusions. There are four hidden images. Look for them all to warm up your brain. Once you hunt them down, you can move on to these challenging optical illusions. They will push your brain to its limits!

Scroll down to test your mind — and question reality

You’re about to look at the work of a master. We’re talking about Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak, who has built a career by crafting colorful stereograms. His smooth brushstrokes reveal hidden faces, emotions, objects and more.

Over the years, fans flocked to his website to admire his paintings. Most artists release visual feasts, but Shupliak takes it one step further. He creates art that is both aesthetically beautiful and mentally challenging.

His art can even reveal hidden personality traits. That’s because his paintings are open to different interpretations. Let’s take the painting below as an example. It’s called “Windy Day. Claude Monet.” There are four hidden images in this optical illusion.

Find all the hidden images in this optical illusion to make yourself think outside the box

Humans are hard-wired to look for things that confirm our worldviews. According to Wake Forest University professor Adrian Bardon, we tend to dismiss facts that challenge our perception. Thus, looking at a stereogram can reveal how you perceive the world.

However, you can also use a stereogram to challenge your preconceived notions. Look at the optical image below and remember what hidden picture your eyes first recognized. Then look for the other hidden pictures.

Forcing your brain to recognize all four images is a valuable exercise. Brainteasers like this can improve mental fitness — and make you more empathetic.

Read our breakdowns below to understand the different worldviews reflected in this painting. This can help you understand how someone else might see the world. Here’s what the first hidden image you saw reveals about your personality:

A woman with a broken umbrella

Love brainteasers? You may have seen the hidden woman in this challenging optical illusion first. Fun puzzles are a great way to improve brain function.
In the foreground is a smiling woman whose umbrella has blown the wrong way.

With a smile on her face and a tight fist on her wild umbrella, this woman initially looks like a study in contradictions. The fearsome winds threaten to tear her umbrella out of her hands. Instead of freaking out, she has a serene expression on her face.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Her hunched-up shoulders and tightly clenched fists suggest that she feels tense, even though she laughs off the inconvenience.

Like the woman with the broken umbrella, you have a positive outlook on life. You can face challenging situations with a sense of humor. Rather than succumb to anxiety or despair, you think of long-term consequences and remind yourself to think of the bigger picture instead of sweating over the small details.

You probably treasure the time spent with your loved ones. Much like the woman in the foreground, you’re hard to ignore. People are naturally drawn to you, so you can be drawn into the spotlight even if it wasn’t your intention.

You understand that life has its ups and downs — and you’re willing to endure the storms. Even in times of crisis, you know that a rainbow is coming.

The older man’s bearded face

Is the old man with beard the first of four hidden images in this optical illusion you see? I'm willing to bet you march to the beat of your own drum.
In the background of the image, there’s a bearded man in profile view staring into space.

If your eyes first flick to the older man with a mustache and beard, you’re an individualist who sees the big picture. You have a strong sense of self and find group projects difficult. Instead of giving up power and surrendering to the whims of others, you want things done your way.

You probably see how things should be. Instead of being complacent with mediocrity, you’re a go-getter frustrated by your environment’s shortcomings (including other people). However, you’re probably your own harshest critic.

Your observant eye is constantly looking for ways to improve your life. While other people would content themselves with daydreaming, you take it a step further. You want to make those dreams a reality and work hard to realize your ambitions.

When other people don’t help you realize your goals, you’re more than happy to get the job done on your own.

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The flowers (Few people looking for hidden images in this optical illusion notice them first!)

Colorful flowers dot the bottom of the image, cutting into the women’s dresses.

The first time you looked at this picture, you didn’t notice the faces immediately. The flowers at the bottom of the image first caught your eyes. In that case, you might be a sensitive person who has had painful emotional experiences in the past.

Because of this, you see the world as a place that could hurt you in many different ways. Sometimes you may prefer to be alone instead of in the presence of other people, which can be taxing. You’re probably an individualistic person who is fine being by yourself.

However, you enjoy being around the right people. In fact, once you click with someone, it’s easy for you to connect with them on a deeper level. Like the beautiful flowers you noticed first, you can be a pleasure to be around. Other people need to be patient for the flower of trust to bloom!

The woman on the right opening her umbrella

There are lots of fun optical illusions. This is one of the many optical illusions that'll blow your mind. It's not the weirdest optical illusion, but you can challenge your brain.
Behind the woman with a broken umbrella is a lady opening her intact one.

So your eye skipped over the woman with the broken umbrella. When you first searched for hidden images in this optical illusion, you saw the woman opening her umbrella. Unlike her friend in the foreground, this woman’s umbrella has not been blown about by the winds.

If you saw the woman facing away to focus on her umbrella, you’re a great team player with a good sense of balance. You know when you rely on other people — and when to focus on the task at hand. You’re cooperative and social, although sometimes you don’t want to burden other people, so you work alone.

You have a healthy mix of individualistic and collectivistic traits. Charm, positivity and flexibility are traits that other people admire in you. You may be secretive about your true feelings sometimes, though.

But you don’t want to be too vulnerable. Because of this, you might turn away from difficult situations, needing to collect yourself first before diving into action. You aren’t impulsive: You take the time you need to get things done and do them with a smile.

Did you have fun finding the hidden images in this optical illusion?

In that case, you’re in luck. Here at the Komando HQ, we work on articles that help you train your brain. Remember: Daily exercise is vital for a healthy body and mind.

In addition to working out, you should also spend time on puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers. Here are a few fun ways to challenge your brain:

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