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Here’s the age you peak at everything, according to science

Do you ever worry about getting older and how life changes as you age? After turning 40, I can definitely feel some extra aches and pains that weren’t there in my 30s. The days of playing pick-up basketball seem to be numbered.

But when do people peak in other aspects of life like brain processing power, having the ability to focus, and psychological well-being?

There have been many scientific studies to answer these questions, and you might be surprised at some of the discoveries.

Even though teenagers have youth and vitality as strengths, scientists say that older people have better mental stability.

What age will you peak at everything?

So don’t worry about getting older, you do have some positive things to look forward too. Let’s look at a few things you may do in life and what age it’s best to accomplish them.

Brain processing

This one actually goes to the young. Scientists have found that a person’s peak brain processing power is at 18 years old.

Learning a second language

Here’s another one that super young people can brag about. Learning a second language is easier for people at a really young age, around 7 or 8 years old. Typically, picking up a second language comes easier for those who haven’t reached puberty yet.

Life satisfaction

A recent study conducted in Germany found that life satisfaction begins to peak at the age of 23. That’s normally the time of life when you’ve finished college, started your career path and still have that youthful glow. Good times.


A person’s physical strength will peak at 25 years old. This is the point in life when your muscles are at their strongest. If you workout regularly, you can actually maintain strength for several years later. It’s one of the easiest characteristics to control.

Completing a marathon

If you’re planning on running a marathon, 28 years old is when you will have your peak performance. Studies show the average age to complete a marathon in a little over 2 hours is 28.


People in their 40s are better at concentration skills than other ages. More specifically, 43 years old is the peak age for being able to focus. Chalk one up for the middle-agers out there!

Take a look at the following chart for a more in-depth look at peak ages:

Image: Chart showing age at which people peak at certain tasks. (Source: Business Insider)

As you can see on the previous chart, you do have some things to look forward to later in life. In fact, life satisfaction begins to peak again at age 69. A study found that people over 60 were happier with life than people 55 years old.

Another surprising fact is that men and women feel best about their physical appearance after 70. I don’t know about you but that makes me smile and gives me a glimmer of hope.

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