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New emojis coming in June

No need to keep zipped lips ? because the secret is out! Emojipedia recently announced that we’re getting 69 new emojis this summer! It looks like this new set truly has something for everybody.

Some of the pictures are lighthearted, while others may be considered controversial. There’s even an emoji that might have been inspired by a certain pregnant viral sensation! Keep scrolling to see every new emoji coming to a phone near you!

The most fun part of the update may be all the new fantasy creatures. Among the 69 new emojis, there are seven mythical creatures, including a mermaid and merman, elves and genies.

There are six new animals, including two types of dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus Rex and Sauropoda). There’s a giraffe too, which I suspect may have been added because April the Giraffe has become so popular. *Psst click here to listen to Kim’s podcast to hear the inside scoop on April*.

The most notable addition will be gender-inclusive emojis. There will be a child, an adult, and an older adult that are designed to look ambiguous. Other new emojis that may ruffle some feathers are a woman wearing a hijab, a woman who is breastfeeding, and a swearing angry-face emoji. But hopefully, no one will get too bent out of shape because emojis are supposed to be fun and using them is completely optional!

Here’s a picture of all 69 emojis together. Below it, you can watch the video to get a closer look at each one. If you’re reading this article on the app, then you can click here to see the video.

So what do you think? Do see some new emojis that you can’t wait to use or are you not impressed with the new lineup? Let me know in the comments section below.

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