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TikTok hearing test
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How old are your ears? Viral video reveals your ‘hearing age’

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Speaking of health. Maybe you’re 60, but you hear as well as a 25-year-old. If you want to find out, TikTok star Justin Agustin has you covered. In a short clip, he shared an audio experiment that he claims will reveal your “hearing age.”

Keep reading to find out how the test works for a fun way to check your hearing.

Here’s the backstory

Be forewarned: The video plays a loud, piercing tone. The sound’s frequency increases, sounding higher and louder, while the numbers on the screen go from 88 to zero.

When you stop hearing the tone, look at the number on the screen. That’s how old your ears are — at least, according to Justin. And we all know that influencers never lie.

Find out your hearing age in less than a minute

As a quick disclaimer, you might want to go to an ear doctor if you’re seriously worried about your ears. But for now, this is a fun way to put your ears to the test. Tap or click the video’s play button to try it out for yourself:

@justin_agustin I found a more accurate hearing test than my previous one. How old is your hearing? Cr: @jarred jermaine for this test #hearingtest #earagetest #hearingloss #health #sound #healthtok ♬ original sound – Justin Agustin

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