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Gross! Cockroach infestations breaking out in popular gaming console!

Ever had a gaming console flake out on you? Maybe in the middle of an extended session of “Final Fantasy XV,” in the middle of a heated battle with a Cactuar, your console randomly shuts down, leaving you crying in wasted despair.

You pause and wonder. The abrupt shutdown and gaming debacle may be due to a number of reasons – overheating, software glitches, hardware issues, electrical problems, a deux ex machina moment to get you off the couch.

Or maybe it’s due to bugs…literally.

Playstation 4 gamers meet the American cockroach – mister Periplaneta Americana, to be exact.

The PS4 is a Roach Magnet

Video gaming website Kotaku reported that the cockroaches love to reside inside the PlayStation 4 (PS4), more than any other console, trumping even the Xbox One.

What is it with the PS4 that makes it an attractive destination for cockroaches?

Well, first, the PS4 has wider vents than other consoles. They are also conspicuously located on its bottom, making it easier for an entire cockroach regiment to weave in and crawl into.

According to professional console repair techs from TronicsFix, that once in, the bugs then discover and enjoy the comforts of the PS4’s internal power supply, which has crevices that roaches find to be invitingly dark and warm enough to live in.

Power up your PS4 and the power supply’s generated heat turns the whole console into a nice, heated cockroach-condo.

The problems start when the roaches settle in and breed with reckless abandon inside the console. They trod around the PS4’s internal board, defecate on it and ultimately get zapped and fried …due to electricity. The bug-infested PS4 gets a short circuit, naturally, and maybe in brief mourning, refuses to turn on (read: it’s broken).

When this happens, most people who take their broken PS4s to repair shops don’t even know that roaches are the culprits.

Matt Zieminski of iFixit told gaming site Kotaku that some owners send their non-working PS4s in for an unspecified issue but lo and behold, it turns out that their components are fried due to said roachy activities.

“Roaches leave traces,” Zieminski told Kotaku. “Their poop color is distinct and has a certain smell to it. We kind of know right off the bat if there are poop stains on the vent of the fan—we assume it’s bug-loaded.”

If roaches are found guilty, techs have to take the poor PS4 apart, scrub the roach poop from the components, replace the power supply then sterilize it with an ultrasonic cleaner before putting it back together. And frankly, that sounds pretty expensive.

Widespread problem

Roach-infested PS4s are more common than you think. Patrick Che, a co-founder of another console repair shop, Manhattan’s XCubicle, told Kotaku that they have a regular supply of “roach bags,” black garbage bags filled with the dead remains of bugs and bug poop they extract from victimized PS4s.

It’s a disgusting issue, for sure, and some repair shops won’t even take roach-infested consoles in. Sony itself won’t take any insect-filled PS4s in – even under warranty. But since it’s a widespread problem, some repair shops do recognize that console bug cleaning is a much-needed service. Like the adage says, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Protect your PS4 from “bugs”

To prevent your PS4 (or any other appliance for that matter) from becoming the humble abode of little critters, it is recommended that you store it high off the floor, in an open space with sufficient airflow.

It won’t hurt to keep your living spaces clean and tidy as well, to keep bugs off your house in the first place. Beat the bugs by vacuuming like a boss – now that’s a platinum trophy you don’t want to miss.

Have you ever been a victim of PS4 loving cockroaches? Drop us a comment!

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