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Hit the great outdoors with these 15 best-selling Amazon products

This summer, plan some family fun under the sun. Hang out in your yard, by the pool, go camping, or visit the beach. Then make the experience extra special with a few little goodies.

When you spend family time together, think about what products you might use to enhance the experience. Tap or click for five summer safety tips.

Here are 15 Amazon products we love to use when we spend time with friends and family — especially during those scorching summer days. These products come in handy throughout the year, too.

1. Stay cool

2. Lightweight and collapsible

3. Safety first

4. Stay hydrated

5. Fast and easy

6. Listen in style

7. Let them have cake

8. Great for summer showers

9. Relax

10. Chill out

11. Use by the pool, too

12. Cook anywhere

13. Light up your surroundings

14. Perfect for hikes

15. Rock out

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