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Google Photo’s free new tool for creating special videos

We’re just a week away from Mother’s Day! Have you picked out a gift yet? You can’t go wrong with flowers, a card, and treating her to breakfast in bed. Or jewelry!

Those are all good choices but you could try something a little more digital, like Google Photos’ Mother’s Day movie. Whether that special woman in your life gave birth to you, your children, or your grandchildren, she’s sure to enjoy this gift.

The Google Photos’ Mother’s Day movie uses your photos to create a touching video. For this feature to work, you’ll need two things: the Google Photos app and lots of pictures of the mother and child you want to be shown in the video.

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If you don’t already have the Google Photos app then getting started will take a while. If you have a lot of photos saved in your phone’s library then it will take a long time for the app to sync all of them to Google’s servers. The process will eat up some of your battery but it’s worth it in the end since all your photos are now backed up.

As the photos sync, the app uses facial recognition to sort photos based on who is in the picture. Ideally, all the photos of your mother will end up in one album. When you use the Mother’s Day feature, you will choose this album when it says “Select a mother.” For the “Select children” step, choose albums that include photos of you and your siblings.

*If you want to make a movie for the mother of your child, select her as the “mother” and your kids as the “children.”

*To make a movie for your daughter, select her as “mother” and your grandchildren as the “children.”

Google Photos will take over from there. It will choose the best photos of you and your mom and set those photos to music. You can remove or add photos too. Here’s an example of the finished product!

Pretty cute, right? Click here to try it for yourself. If a lot of people use the feature then surely Google Photos will create a version for Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

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