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Google Maps will let you report accidents, speed traps

How did we live without GPS? You probably ask yourself that question every day.

You have GPS telling you where to turn as you’re driving and telling you when there’s a slowdown that’ll affect your commute. Now you drive with confidence knowing that your map app will quickly get you to your destination.

You’re most likely using Google Maps. It does a nice job of giving your directions like, “Turn right by Subway,” and alerting you when traffic is about to slow down.

Yet it is missing some of the cooler features of Waze, the map app that Google bought a few years ago. Waze lets you share traffic conditions with other drivers, notably upcoming speed traps and accidents.

Finally, after years of rumors that it was coming, Google Maps is starting to incorporate these features. It’s unclear right now if all users will get these features or if Google Maps is testing them.

Here’s why you’ll love Waze

There’s a good chance you’re already using Waze to get to work. An estimated 100 million people use the app.

You’re using the map for directions but you’re also connecting with other drivers. You share traffic conditions without doing anything other than having the app open as you drive.

You can also share information with other drivers about accidents or police traps. It’s a map app with a social media twist – you help out your fellow drivers and they help you.

How you’ll know you have the Waze features

Google Maps’ new incident reporting has started showing up on some people’s app. You might hear Google Maps ask you if an accident that had been reported by another driver is still in that location.

Keep reading Happening Now. We’ll update you with more details about Google Map’s Waze-like features when we hear about them.

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