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Google Maps adds new feature you’re going to love

What comes to mind when you think of Google Maps? Many people would say it’s simply a navigation tool, and they would be wrong.

The app is packed with features that make it so much more than a GPS. There are tons of time-saving shortcuts and helpful ways to explore new areas. In fact, tap or click here to learn about three features you never knew existed.

But when it comes down to it, navigation is what Google Maps was built for and does best. There are always new features being added that make it better and better. One in particular you’re going to love.

This new feature could be a life saver

You probably have Google Maps on your gadget since it’s such a popular app. Most Android and iOS fans have it installed on their devices to help navigate through unfamiliar cities and find restaurants and other hidden gems.

But in the early days, it originated as a desktop computer program. Believe it or not, there are also new features constantly being added to the desktop version. The latest one is super helpful.

Google Maps can now let you know when it’s time to leave for a specific destination right on your computer. The new feature is called “Time to leave” and displays a notification when it’s time to leave for regular and scheduled routes.

To begin receiving notifications that will let you know when it’s time to leave, you just need to turn the feature on in settings. Here’s how:

First, open Google Maps and make sure that you are signed in, then click on the Settings menu in the upper left-hand corner >> click Notifications >> toggle the slider next to Time to leave to the right.

This feature was already available on the mobile app but it’ll come in handy for the desktop version too. Whenever you’re working on your computer and lose track of time, Google Maps will help keep you on schedule.

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