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Google Maps accidentally captures one-of-a-kind image

Have you ever passed a Google Street View car as you were driving down the street? These vehicles take pictures of all our roads to create that cool panoramic Google Maps feature.

The Google Earth satellite goes one step further by capturing aerial shots of the entire world. Usually, we see landscapes and the tops of buildings. But every once in a while we get a look at something else.

Reddit user “leequinn” discovered and shared a photo of a plane in mid-flight that was captured by a Google plane or satellite. The Virgin Atlantic plane is flying east near the southern side of the United Kingdom.

(If you’re reading this story on the app, click here to see the photo.)

Did you notice the red, green, and blue glow around the plane? This effect mostly occurred because the colors were exposed at different times in the photo. The plane was flying faster than the camera’s shutter speed so it created a blurred effect.

Click here to see the plane on Google’s site. You can use the icon in the bottom left corner to switch from “Satellite” view to “Map” view. As you can see, the plane is southwest of London near the A27, which is a major road in England.

To see more mid-flight photos from Google Earth, click here or watch the video below.

P.S. Google Earth recently relaunched with a lot of fun features. Click here to learn how to explore this amazing site

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