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Google app matches your selfie with a masterpiece

Is your face a little more Picasso, or Van Gogh? How about a Michelangelo?

This might be a bright spot in the never-ending vanity of selfies.

It’s an app that’s offering a little bit of history, arts and culture. Think of it as your doppelgänger masterpiece.

Your selfie compared to a work of art

The Google arts and culture app is offering a new feature that’s trending now and promises to compare your selfie with a work of art. You can instantly see if your lookalike is hanging in a museum somewhere in the world. You might have already noticed the side-by-side pictures on your friends’ feeds, as this app is taking the internet by storm! Celebrities are even jumping in on the fun!

While the app encourages you to take a selfie, you can also use photos of yourself and have some fun using photos of other people to see what pops up. People are already looking for matches to their favorite actors and athletes. Above, is actor Kumail Nanjiani from “The Big Sick.” He posted that match on his Twitter account. And below, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (I thought this would’ve been a picture of a GOAT).

We had fun when we tried it at  The app gives you the top 3 or 4 results for you to share with your followers. You can also click on the painting to learn more about it.

How do they do it?

Museums from all over the world share thousands of works of art with Google, which then uses automated image analysis to compare facial features and similarities.

What work of art matches your selfie?

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use the app feature.

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