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Get these 25 free interactive children’s eBooks for the summer

Summer is a great time for children. Most kids are on break from school during summer, which means they can enjoy the great outdoors.

Many of my favorite childhood memories come from playing little league baseball with my friends and camping at the lake with family. Good times.

As a parent, you’ll want to make sure that your kids avoid the “summer slide.” That’s when a student loses some of their academic achievements they gained over the previous school year.

Arbordale Publishing is trying to help kids avoid the summer slide by making 25 of its interactive eBooks available for free. The dual-language eBooks feature word highlighting and speed control for those who struggle with reading and learning languages.

The site is encouraging children to read by providing bingo games with plenty of cards so siblings can compete, an “Around-the-World Passport” for kids to paste in book cover “stamps” as they read the books. It’s also providing a Pinterest page with plenty of family fun activities.

How your children can get rewarded for reading

Arbordale Publishing has created an incentive program to get children to read more. You can even get teachers from your child’s school involved. Here is how the reward incentive works:

  • Children who read all 25 interactive eBooks will receive a free book and a Reading Award Certificate! Parents can send in the completed ‘passports’ with a Parent Contact Form to claim their child’s award.
  • Teachers who organize the effort and submit passports with the Teacher Contact Form for 10 or more children will receive one-year free access to all 140 Arbordale interactive eBooks and five free books for their classroom.
  • If five or more teachers from the same school submit passports, the school earns 25 or more books and unlimited schoolwide and home eBook access.

If your family is traveling, you can download the free eBooks via the Fun eReader app so they can be read without needing internet access. Click here to download the free app for iOS. Click here to download the free app for Android.

Click here for all the details on the free eBooks and the rewards program.

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